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IMPORTANT UPDATE! Call for beta readers over at my blog, check it out!

After a brilliant and busy couple of weekends at conventions, Team Footloose is off the road until autumn. Read about our adventures here!

I'm offering free copies of my YA novel, Spider Circus, to anyone willing to write an honest review (and post said review on Amazon or Smashwords). And I do mean honest - I genuinely do not mind if you don't like the book or think there are things that need improving. I'm not at all precious about my writing.

If you're interested, email me and I'll send you a copy!

Read Alice's short stories at Smashwords and Amazon, and keep track of updates via her Facebook group and her blog.

Enjoy Footloose updates and the ramblings of a gin-soaked mind? Then follow Ally on Twitter!

Hello Everyone- we've been moved by our hosts to help protect us from coming under attack by malware as has happened several times over the last few months, we will be protected by stronger and more up to date firewalls in the new location.
Unfortunately this has caused some glitches in the archiving system menaing it will only load the oldest and most recent page of any comic. we are working to correct this and hope to have it under control in the next few days.

We deeply apologise for anyone who might have found themselves redirected to an advert from our site or might have found a link to some shady fake handbags in our code. We came under attack at least 3 times, each time using a different approach and hiding in a differnet part of the code. If we were more superstitious we'd think some sort of shady business was going on trying to stop our protagonists solving the mystery at the Dojo!
Anyway, we're hoping this will be a thing of the past now but as ever, if you see soemthing that you think looks out of place, please EMAIL. The sonner we know, the sooner we can fix it.

Conventions this year will be:
MCM EXPO October-Confirmed
Leeds Thought Bubble-Confirmed

I am still taking fundraising commissions as part of my drive to save up for a new laptop. Any single figure is £20, get in contact on DA, Facebook or via email if you'd like to commission one! if you'd like to see what i've done so far check out my page Gingerbreadart

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